Quaker Real Medleys Dark Chocolate Chunk Almond Coconut Multigrain Bar - 5 CT

Quaker® Real Medleys® Dark Chocolate Chunk Almond Coconut Multigrain Bar. New. Multigrains with crunchy almonds, shredded coconuts and sweet dark chocolate. Per bar. 180 calories. 4g sat fat, 20% DV. 90mg sodium, 4% DV. 13g sugars. Est 1877. First we created the best oatmeal ever and made it to go. Now introducing new Quaker Real Medleys® bars with wholesome multigrain goodness and chunks of real chocolate, almond and coconut for a delicious snack anytime, anywhere. Made with cocoa drizzle. Quaker Up®. Wholesome multigrain goodness in 3 other delicious flavors. Apple nut harvest. Cherry pistachio. Peach almond with other natural flavors. Visit us at www.quakeroats.com. 1-800-856-5781. Please have package available when calling. ©2014 The Quaker Oats Company.