Kashi Granola Bars, Chewy, Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

Sweet & salty. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Responsibly sourced cocoa. Taken while visiting our cocoa farmers in Ghana. Photographer: Zena Arnold. Food with Purpose: We all want to seek out tasty food that not only nourishes our body, but also positively impacts the land and community it came from. So, our Kashi team traveled to Ghana to do just that for chocolate, and what we found was that we could do better. We learned that we could pay a premium on our chocolate that would help our cocoa farmers implement responsible agricultural practices. This not only improves their livelihoods, but also keeps the soil healthy for future generations. To support our farmers. we worked with our suppliers to increase the amount of responsibly sourced cocoa in our products. Today, that number is up to 95% and we're actively working to convert that last 5%. We'll always seek to craft delicious food that improves communities. That means this Chewy Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bar not only tastes good, but does good too. - Not only tastes good, but does good too. 3 g fiber (Contains 5 g total fat per serving). 13 g whole grains per serving. Vegan. Visit KashiStories.com to learn more about our responsible sourcing programs. www.kashi.com. Have something to share? (877) 747-2467. how2recycle.info. Certified 100% recycled paperboard.