Caribou Coffee Coffee, Whole Bean, Light Roast, Peru

Sparkling, crisp body with notes of white grape and orange bergamot marmalade. Premium single origin coffee. Delgado family farm. Grower. Roaster. Drinker. In happy coffee harmony. Farm grown. Living in happy coffee harmony. Most bags of coffee are packed with beans plucked off farms from all over the place. But our single origin coffee beans all come from the same committed, small grower. So not only do they share a unique, bold roasted flavor, they're also already well acquainted with one another. Which, when packed in a such tight quarters, makes things much more comfortable. Life is short. Stay away for it. Small batch roasting. 1% world's top beans. Hand crafted. Premium single origin estate grown coffee. Grower roaster drinker in happy coffee harmony. In this together: we expect quite a lot from our growers. Time after time, they deliver. Our lasting relations with committed, smaller farmers who exhibit responsible growing practices feel a lot more like family than business. And it shows in every single bag. 100% freshness & enjoyment guarantee. If this coffee is not exceptionally fresh and enjoyable, we'll gladly replace it. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Like Bou. Follow Bou. Pin Bou. Love Bou. Bou does house calls order online at 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.