Evian Spring Water, Natural 6 ea

Made by the French alps, natural electrolytes; 7.2pH balance; carbon neutral. We don't add things for taste or enhance with extras. Our ingredients only come from nature: snow from the French Alps with natural electrolytes and minerals for that cool, crisp taste. Because we're made by nature, we aim to preserve it by being carbon neutral. By 2025, we commit to make all our plastic bottles from 100% rpet (recycled plastic). Electrolytes & Mineral Composition mg/L Neutrally Balanced pH: 7.2; Bicarbonates: 360; Calcium: 80; Sulfates: 14; Magnesium: 26; Chlorides: 10; Potassium: 1; Silica: 15. Dissolved solids at 180 degrees C: 345ppm (mg/L) evian has naturally occurring electrolytes contributing to the taste that nature intended. Please recycle your bottle, so it can become a new bottle again and again.