Core Hydration Water - 6 PK

Core® Hydration Water. Perfectly balanced water™. Your body's natural pH balance of 7.4. Electrolytes + minerals. Ultra purified. 6 / 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) bottles. Nutrient enhanced perfect pH* water with electrolytes & minerals. The pH that naturally occurs in your body happens to be perfect, so it should come as no surprise that we mirrored our water after it. Core® hydration is ultra purified for a clean, crisp taste and has just the right amount of electrolytes & minerals to match your body's natural pH of 7.4... or simply put - the Perfect pH*. So no matter what you do to get thirsty, hydrate with Core® and feel the benefits of perfect pH* water. Perfect pH: 7.4*. Your body's natural pH balance. Ultra-purified - 7 Stage purification process. Electrolytes + minerals - For hydration and balance. Free from fluoride chromium 6 MTBE, arsenic and chlorine. 0 Calories per 8 fl oz serving. NYSHD Cert. #136. BPA free. *Approximately 7.4 pH. 100% Recyclable plastic bottle. Bottle design, label, ™ CH56_001. For water quality and information, contact: Core Nutrition: 1.855.DRKCORE. © 2016 CH56_001.