Pacific Natural Foods Iced Tea, Organic

Ready to drink. Sweetened. USDA Organic. Fair Trade Certified. Certified to the source. Pacific Natural Foods' exclusive Certified to the Source program tracks and ensures that every product Pacific Natural Foods makes is of the highest quality and only from a guaranteed source. At Pacific Natural Foods, we're committed to quality - so committed that we unconditionally guarantee it. Experience the Delicious Taste Of Nature with our Refreshing and Flavorful Ready-to-Drink Organic Iced Teas. At Pacific Natural Foods, we care deeply about what we make and how we make it. That's why our delicious Organic Iced Teas are made using only the finest ingredients. And like our other natural and organic products, every ingredient is Certified to the Source to ensure that we know the history and origin of every ingredient. Our delicious Iced Tea starts with Organic Fair Trade Certified black tea leaves. We slow brew the tea with care in small batches to ensure a more flavorful and fresher tasting tea. We then add just the right amount of sweetness from organically grown sugar cane. The result is an Organic Iced Tea with naturally occurring antioxidants that is deliciously refreshing. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.