Mighty Leaf Black Tea, Whole Leaf, Winter Solstice, Caffeine, Stitched Pouches

Jubilant black tea with winter spices. Certified vegan. vegan.org. Caffeine. Winter Solstice: A warm welcome of jubilant black tea bursting with winter flavors, including cinnamon, orange and vanilla. Artisan hand-stitched pouches each portion of whole leaf tea is precisely measured and carefully wrapped in a hand-stitched pouch. These large, silken pouches show-case the distinctive beauty of the blends and give the leaves room to unfurl as they steep, allowing the nuanced flavors to fully infuse for the ideal tea experience. vegan.org; mightyleaf.com. Our hand-stiched pouch is biodegradable, commercially compostable and we use no staples or glue. The carton is recyclable.