Bigelow Black Tea K-Cup Pods English Breakfast - 12 CT

Bigelow® Black Tea English Breakfast K - Cup® pods. Keurig® hot. Family tea blenders since 1945. Fair trade Certified™. Pure and simple... A rich and robust cup of tea. For use in all Keurig®. K - Cup® brewers. 12-0.10 oz (3.1g). Try over ice. Fill a big cup with ice cubes (do not use glass). Brew on smallest setting. Stir to chill. How do you brew Get creative and share. Bigelow Tea. Attn: Consumer Services Group Fairfield, CT 06825-5512. 1-888-BIGELOW. Keurig® hot. Caff - o - meter. Content per serving. Coffee, 100-20mg. American breakfast, 60-90mg. Black tea, 30-60mg. Green tea, 25-50mg. Decaf tea, 1-8mg. Herbal tea, 0mg. † Represents average caffeine content: Individual products may vary. Our promise: We're fully committed to your satisfaction and we love to heat from you! When you do call, please share the code number on this box with the Consumer service crew. Try all varieties: Keurig® hot, Bigelow®, Classic Green Tea, Classic. Keurig® hot, Bigelow® Classic, Earl Grey, Black Tea,. Keurig® hot, Bigelow® Classic, Lemon Ginger. Keurig® hot, Bigelow® Vanilla Chai. Fair trade Certified™. English breakfast. We're proud of our recipe start your day with a rich, bold, robust cup of tea. We use only hand-picked tea leaves from higher up in the mountains where the best teas are grown. This full - bodied, yet smooth cup, gives just the boost you need in the morning or quite honestly any time of day! It's spectacular on its own or with a splash of milk. Bigelow®: Family tea blenders since 1945. For three generations, the family has specialized in creating a variety of deliciously different teas. Using only the finest ingredients and secret family recipes ensures that each cup of Bigelow tea is backed by over 70 years of family passion. The Bigelow family: Distributed by: Bigelow tea, Fairfield, CT 06825 - 5512 U.S.A. By choosing this fair trade Certified™ tea, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of tea growing communities. To learn more about fair trade, visit Printed in the U.S.A. Bigelow tea facts: Bigelow tea is a proud member of the ethical tea partnership. Keurig, K - cup, and the k logo are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., used with permission. Ethical tea partnership. This package is made with a minimum of 35% post - consumer materials. For more information about Bigelow tea, please contact us: 1-888-Bigelow (1-800-244-3569) For brewer inquiries: 1-866-901-brew/1-866-901-2739 ©2015 Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. ©2015 Bigelow Tea.