Hampstead Tea Tea, English Breakfast, Sachets

London. Organic fairtrade. Biodynamic robust tea. Start the day with our robust English Breakfast blend to awake and energise the senses. We have carefully blended fine organic and biodynamic teas to create a flavourful, full bodied brew with a bright golden liquor. Our English Breakfast combines traditional flavour with an elegant finish, perfect for a busy morning. The Darjeeling tea is grown at Makaibari, the first biodynamic tea estate in the world, situated 3-4000 ft high up in the Himalayas. The estate is protected on all sides by lush virgin rainforests and is the home and livelihood to a community of 1700 people, a family of panthers and richly diverse wildlife. Our promise to you. We believe we have some of the finest organic teas in the world. The purity and quality of our teas, and the natural harmony and well being of the estate and its people mean everything to us. Our biodynamic, organic and fairtrade credentials are your guarantee that our teas are produced in the best and fairest ways possible. We hope that they give you as much pleasure and enrich your lives as much as they do ours. In keeping with our philosophy, our teas are free from all artificial additives and GMOs and all our packaging is fully biodegradable. Our unique teabags are also non-chlorine bleached and staple free. www.hampsteadtea.com. The Demeter logo is the symbol for biodynamic products. Biodynamic farming is a very special form of organic farming, founded in the 1920's and practised worldwide. It is often described as organic plus as each farm is unique and self-sustaining, in balance with soil, plant, animal and cosmic processes. Biodynamic farmers use specially formulated energising herbal compost preparations and a lunar calendar to help them determine when to sow and harvest. BG Organic Certification 6. USDA organic. All ingredients are biodynamic/organic. Packed in the UK.