Lipton Green Tea, Orange Passionfruit Jasmine 20 Ea

Can help support a healthy heart. A cup a day for well-being your way. Quality for over 130 years. Love your heart with the naturally light. Fresh taste of green tea! Drinking unsweetened Lipton green tea can help support a healthy heart. (Unsweetened Lipton orange passionfruit jasmine green tea contains about 90mg of flavonoids per serving, no calories, no added sugars and it is 99.5% water). It's also a delicious way to hydrate so grab a cup today. And tomorrow. And the next day. Rainforest Alliance people & nature. Did you know that our tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified? To find out more visit : American Heart Association Life is Why. Lipton is a proud national Life is Why sponsor (The American Heart Association's relationship is limited to unsweetened Lipton black tea and green tea).