Starbucks Coffee on Tap 72 fl oz Box

Coffee + Splash of milk. One box. Endless possibilities. Delicious coffee harvested from the earth. Behind every box of Starbucks Cold & Crafted is a group of Colombian coffee farmers who proudly grow high quality coffee. They plant, cultivate, and harvest delicious coffee and are the important first step in your coffee's seed to cup journey. Only the finest for your fridge Expertly crafted with Starbucks Cold Brew always on tap. A super-smooth finish made from 100% arabica beans. 100% Arabica coffee. For that first sip feeling every time. Tap into the day's potential with premium Starbucks Coffee that's ready anytime, delicious every time. Single origin. On tap ready to pour. Coffee + Splash of Milk: Sweetened coffee with a splash of milk, this coffee is ready to pour. Enjoy as is, over ice, or be your own barista and mix in your favorite flavor.