Sunkist Soda, Grape 2.1 qt

Dive into summer every day of the year and soak up the sunny taste of Sunkist Grape soda! Just like the original Sunkist Orange soda that’s been a favorite since 1979, Sunkist Grape soda always satisfies your thirst with bright, delicious flavor and bubbly, refreshing fun. Beaming with sweet and fruity grape flavor, Sunkist Grape soda is the perfect summery treat for any occasion, day or night. Grab some for yourself to brighten your mood, bring some to small get-togethers with close friends or even large gatherings with your whole family. There’s no wrong time for a Sunkist Grape soda! It's the only soda to reach for when you're craving a blast of grape refreshment with a bright, caffeine-free, fruit flavor your taste buds will love! With the taste that can be enjoyed by everyone in the whole family, Sunkist Grape soda fills your mouth with a burst of grape flavor whether it’s with your favorite small snack, a full meal or as a refreshing stand-alone treat. Reach for the cool, refreshing taste of a Sunkist Grape soda to brighten your day, fill your senses and lift your spirits. Once that Sunkist Grape soda taste touches your lips, you’ll understand why we call it Sunkist!