Penta Ultra-Purified Water

Penta® Ultra-Purified Water. 1 Liter. 33.8 fl oz (2.11 pt). Live pure. Sourced from a natural aquifer, Penta water is taken through a patented 13-step purification process to extract all impurities. The result is the purest bottled water available, with less than 1 part per million dissolved solids. A difference you can taste & feel. U.S. Patented Penta® 13 step 11 hour purification process. Additive-free. Chromium 6-free. Arsenic-free. Pharmaceutical-free. Fluoride-free. MTBE-free. Chlorine-free. Sodium bicarbonate-free. Source: San Bernardino Natural Aquifer. NYSHD Cert. #562. 100% Recyclable. For water quality information Contact: 1-800-531-5088 or