Nuun Hydration Instant, Lemon Lime, 8 On-the-Go Stick Packs

Electrolyte drink mix. Naturally flavored. No artificial flavors. Vegan. Kosher. Gluten free. 5x less sugar (vs. traditional sports drink). 2-3x faster hydration. Hydrates 2-3x faster than water. Hydration you can feel. Great taste. 4x more electrolytes (vs. traditional sports drink). Get ready to hydrate like never before. Feel Great Fast: You know that awake, sharp, energetic vibe that makes you want to take on the world? Get there in an instant, anytime you need. Packed with electrolytes, not sugar. 4x electrolytes (vs. traditional sports drink). Vital vitamins and minerals for extra energy. Great taste, naturally. Travel. Exercise. Celebrations. Fatigue. Illness. Heat exposure. World-Class Hydration Science, Made Even Better: We took pioneering science developed by the World Health Organization and blended up our unique rapid hydration formula that keeps your active life thriving. We've got you covered with the electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins your body needs to get water into your bloodstream super fast. More hydrated blood means more brain power, happier muscles and a more energetic you. Superhero mode, activated. Symptoms of Dehydration: Headache. Fatigue. Lethargy. Goosebumps. Dizziness. Dry mouth. Dry skin. + more.