Hapi Water Water Beverage, Fortified, Strawberry Kiwi

0 grams of sugar. Only 5 calories per pouch. Sugar free. A good source of vitamin C. Naturally Better: Hapi: 0 g sugar per 6 fl oz; 5 calories per 6 fl oz; 90% vitamin C % daily value. Vs. Leading Kids Juice Drink: 16 g sugar per 6 fl oz; 60 calories per 6 fl oz; 10% vitamin C % daily value. Naturally sweetened. Nothing artificial. Naturally sweetened & Nothing artificial. Healthy kids are Hapi kids. We try our best to give our kids healthy foods and drinks. That is why we created Hapi Water. Our kids love it because it tastes great, and we love it because it has zero grans of sugar. Enjoy! - Dr. K.B. and Blair Parkes (Founding Family). The best tasting sugar free kids drink ever made. hapidrinks.com. Follow us: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.