Goldthread Tonic, Plant Based, Green Minerals

Super-herbs, spices and adaptogens. Sweetened with lakanto monkfruit. Vegan. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. Drink more plants. Brewed with natural ingredients. Taste may vary. The Formula: Nettle leaf; oat straw; alfalfa leaf; horsetail leaf; red clover blossom; raspberry leaf; rose hips; lemongrass; linden leaf + flower; liquid chlorophyll. 14 grams of whole herbs slow-brewed to perfection. Drink More Plants: According to Taoist philosophy, Qi is the life force circulating through all things. Experience it in the vibrant green of nutrient-dense plants that are the foundation of this deeply sustaining blend. This infusion of earthen minerals and trace elements is easy to assimilate and formulated to invigorate. When you're feeling depleted, drink it up and fill your body with the vibrant glow of a mountain meadow in springtime. - William Siff MSc AOM, Founder + Chief Herbalist.