Caribou Coffee Iced Coffee, Chocolate Mocha

Coffee beverage. Made with real chocolate, milk & sugar. Ultra- pasteurized. No: high fructose corn syrup; artificial flavors or preservatives. Comments? 1-800-395-7004. Grab hold of life. With your non-drinking hand, of course. Caribou Coffee started with the notion to dream big and live even bigger. To serve exceptional coffee that inspires extraordinary experiences. Somehow, we fit that idea into this nifty bottle. So you can take coffee where its never been. Like, on a bike ride - up a mountain. It's real Caribou Coffee, with real chocolate, and just the right amount of milk and sugar. And it fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Voila. Life is short. Stay awake for it. Please recycle. Pretty please? Reading the fine print? We compliment both your thoroughness and eyesight.