Papa Nicholas Coffee Ground French Roast Medium/Dark

Papa Nicholas® Premium Coffee Ground French Roast Roast Medium/Dark. Great coffee for over 100 years. Region Central America, Indonesia, South America. A family tradition since 1897! Our story is simple. For over 100 years and 5 generations, the Papanicholas family has worked to perfect the art and science of roasting coffee. Our founder, Nicholas A. Papanicholas, was a pioneer in bringing specialty roasted whole bean coffees into the grocery stores of Chicago in the early 1980's. Later, a gourmet line of flavored whole bean coffees was introduced to the delight of the coffee drinking public. Today Papanicholas coffee offers a wide variety of whole bean, flavored and ground coffees in select retailers across the US and on our website Freshness, innovation, quality, tradition. These are the four cornerstones that Papanicholas coffee was founded upon. Together, with our partners around the globe, we continually strive to set the standard for coffee excellence. Based on these shared principles, we work tirelessly to deliver our mission statement: from the earth to the cup... give the world great coffee at a great value! Nicholas A. Papanicholas. BF bird friendly. SG shade grown. FSLSW. ©Napcon, Inc. Papanicholas is a registered trademark of Napco, Inc.