PapaNicholas Coffee, Freshly Roasted, Ground, Cinnamon Hazelnut

Light roast. A family tradition since 1897. A great cup of coffee! Grind consistency is a very important variable in the coffee recipe. This specialty coffee has been ground to a medium consistency for use in most conventional auto-drip coffee makers. Papanicholas commitment to quality: 1. Buy the finest quality arabica coffees from world markets, at fair prices. 2. Slow roast in small batches to our exacting recipes. 3. Deliver freshness that is unsurpassed by any other competitor. Our mission: Give the world a great cup of coffee, at a great value! Our story is simple - for over 100 years and 4 generations, the Papanicholas family has worked to perfect the art and science of roasting coffee. Our founder, Nicholas A. Papanicholas, was a pioneer in bringing specialty roasted whole been coffees into the grocery stores of Chicago in the early 1980's. Later, a gourmet line of flavored whole bean coffees was introduced to the delight of the coffee drinking public.