Caribou Coffee Coffee, Ground, Chocolate Wonder

Natural and artificial flavors with the perfect touch of chocolate. A deliciously flavored coffee. Magic is everywhere. Let your imagination go. Our coffee has always inspired. So it should come as no surprise that pairing it with a kick of milk chocolate and notes of whipped cream is our sweetest inspiration yet. Take a sip, and see where you end up. Maybe it'll take you somewhere you've never been. Or somewhere no one's ever been. That's kind of the point. Just make sure you leave some breadcrumbs (or better yet, coffee beans) to find your way home. Life is short. Stay awake for it. 100% Arabica coffee. Small batch roasting. 1% world's top beans. Hand crafted. 100% freshness & guaranteed. If this coffee is not exceptionally fresh and enjoyable, we'll gladly replace it. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Like bou. Follow bou. Pin bou. Love bou. Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee.