Barista Prima Coffeehouse Coffee 12 ea

Barista Prima Coffeehouse. Keurig brewed. For Keurig K-cup brewing systems. Not for VUE brewing systems. Rich. Dark European. A passion for rich, deep-roasted brews lies at the heart of Barista Prima Coffeehouse, an exclusive collection of the world's finest Arabica coffees roasted in the tradition of Europe's most celebrated coffee house. Bold and complex, yet perfectly balanced, each cup reflects the consummate artistry and handcrafted care that only the most skilled baristas can deliver. Brewing a better world - Together - Keurig brewed is our promise. Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to the art and science of brining you the coffee you love, everytime. Always look for the Keurig brewed seal. The only mark of genuine Keurig quality. This rich, heavy-bodied cup with its ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honored Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffee house brews. Bold yet ideally balanced, with a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright clean finish, our Italian Roast is a hearty and flavorful testament to the art of dark roasting. Made with 100% Arabica coffee. For more information contact: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. 1-888-879-4627 For brewer inquiries contact: 1-866-901-BREW/1-866-901-2739 Find us on or This package is recyclable. Printed in Canada.