Ellas Kitchen Chicken Casserole, with Vegetables + Rice, 3 (from 10 Months)

Chick-chick. I'm organic. With soft lumps. USDA organic. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Inside me you'll find no preservatives or thickeners; no concentrates or juices; no big lumps and no artificial ingredients; just nutritious organic food for growing babies; I'm unsweetened and unsalted. Good in every sense. Hello, I'm a yummy chicken, rice + veggies meal for babies. I'm made from a mix of just organic food, perfectly balanced for older babies. Who am I for? My ingredients and textures and suitable from 10 months. The lumps are specifically designed to help babies chew from this age. My dad promised me and my brother that our baby foods would always be fun, handy and really yummy. He said he'd make simple, tasty dinners from lots of organic stuff to give moms extra choices for their growing babies. I said babies know what they like so you'd better get it right - and don't forget some soft lumps! He listened. Phew! - Ella X. Age 7, England. P.S. let's be friends! Join in at ellaskitchen.com. My pouch is BPA free. Call us on 800-685-7799. I've been certified organic by Oregon Tilth.