Pantene Festival Hair Kit – Dry Shampoo, Hairspray, Nourishing Mask, Rescue Shot, Frizz Iron

The Pantene Festival Hair Kit comes with all your festival essentials like our Dry Shampoo, alcohol-free Hair Spray, Rescue Shot, Nourishing Hair Mask, and On-The-Go Frizz Iron. Pantene styling products are perfect for helping you achieve your ideal look at any festival! And our Pantene treatments are packed full of concentrated, nourishing power to keep your hair healthy no matter how wild your style. Contains one 4.9 fl oz Dry Shampoo, one 7.0 fl oz alcohol-free Hair Spray, one 0.14 oz reusable on-the-go Frizz Iron, one 0.5 fl oz Rescue Shot, and two 1.7 fl oz Nourishing Hair Masks This total kit will help style, shape, hold, clean, condition, and nourish your hair. More great hair days for all! Includes a styling lineup that will allow you to style without fear of damage or build up Includes a treatment lineup that will allow you to “Play. Rescue. Reset” over and over again, all while keeping your hair conditioned and healthy Comes packaged in a reusable, iridescent plastic bag with a metal zipper