Pampers Wipes, Refreshing Rain 168 ea

Body face & mess. 1 wipe pop-tops. Current: Pampers Expressions. Botanical rain scent. New: Pampers Multi-Use. Refreshing rain. New look! Packaging may vary. Cleans body, face & mess. Fresh scent. Dispenses one wipe at a time. 0% hypoallergenic. Parabens & latex (Natural rubber). Gentle on skin. Cleans body. Cleans face. Cleans messes. Cleans surfaces. Alcohol (contains no ethanol or rubbing alcohol) free wipes. Contains 3 package liners of 56 wipes each. Package liners are not intended for individual retail sale. Treat yourself to a fresh experience with Pampers Multi-Use wipes. Our wipes are clinically proven mild & hypoallergenic and provide a gentle clean with a fragrant finish. Dispose of properly. USA: Recycle if clean & dry. Store-drop off. Plastic wrap. Plastic pouch. Pampers Club: Download. Enter. Save. Valid in the US, Canada & PR.