Oreo Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate, Star Wars, 10 Packs 10 ea

Are you on the dark side or the light side? Open a pack of STAR WARS™ OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies to discover your destiny. These sweet snacks bring together two iconic brands in special edition snack cookies to surprise and delight. Available in two unique packs made with classic OREO chocolate wafer cookies, each individually wrapped 2-cookie snack pack has either dark side cookies with red creme or light side cookies with blue creme. Both cremes feature “Kyber” inspired sugar crystals, and the cookies are embossed with a randomized assortment of 10 dark side or 10 light side STAR WARS™ characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda (character designs may vary). Will you get dark or light side OREO cookies? Open to discover your destiny, and look for all 20 designs. These tasty, fun snacks make wonderful birthday treats, party favors, or movie snacks for a STAR WARS™ themed party or movie night. With packaging art by Greg Hildebrandt, iconic STAR WARS™ poster artist since 1977, these special edition STAR WARS™ OREO cookies will be enjoyed across the galaxy! Scan the pack’s QR code to fulfill your destiny and continue the experience. With this bulk cookies box of 10 certified kosher OREO cookie snack packs, you’ll be ready for any snacking occasion.