Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Hardest Working Collection Sweat Defense Stronger Swagger 2.6 oz, Pack of 3

You know that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower-then-clinched-all-the-deals-then-told-all-the-jokes-then-dated-all-the ladies-then-got-back-in-the-shower kind of smell? Well, Old Spice science men somehow figured how to bottle that into one manly anti-perspirant & deodorant. Now you can apply that sweat-crushing, over-achieving science all over your man-body. Or lady-body. We’re not judging. Stronger and longer-lasting sweat protection vs. Red Collection anti-perspirant & deodorant Old Spice Sweat Defense extra-strong men’s anti-perspirant & deodorant keeps you smelling extra manly The Hardest Working Collection brings together more odor-blocking, sweat-defending, and dirt-destroying power; Stronger Swagger helps you embrace your swagger with even stronger Swagger Legendary protection for legendary men; Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Stronger Swagger Scent