New York™ Pumpernickel Everything Flatbreads 5 oz. Box

All natural. Cholesterol free. Reusable snap-top tray. The Legend of Flatbreads: Legend has it that in 1913, Thelma Eubanks, a wealthy New York socialite and gourmet cook, invented the flatbread, a unique crispbread made from the finest all natural ingredients. She couldn't bring herself to serve caviar on those little white bread triangles. Once the raves started coming in, Thelma experimented: melted brie on Flatbread, lox and cream cheese on Flatbread, cashew butter and preserves on Flatbread. Soon she started serving Flatbreads with soups, salads and with dips and salsas. Then she invented Flatbread with added toppings. First, sesame. Then garlic, onion, poppy, and finally, every topping at once. The rest is gustatory history.