Mumbo Barbecue Sauce, Premium, Tangy Hot 18 Oz

Since 1950. Argia B's. The flavor never runs out! Gluten free. No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Simple Ingredients Legendary Sauce: In 1950, pit master and entrepreneur Argia B. Collins created Mumbo Barbecue Sauce - a mouthwatering, sweet, smoky, and tangy sensation. Crafted in small batches ever since, its homestyle flavor is timeless. So is our commitment to quality. We still use wholesome ingredients your grandparents would recognize, including the most aromatic spices. Mumbo enhances the natural flavors of beef, pork, and chicken. Accents seafood, burgers, and vegetables. Complements spaghetti, meatloaf, and chili recipes. Trust your taste buds. Mumbo. Your sauce of inspiration.