Morton Iodized Salt

This salt supplies iodide, a necessary nutrient. Food service. Since 1848, we have made out name synonymous with quality, reliability and service. With over 50 grades and mixtures designed for food manufacturers, our complete line of salts and salt-related products set the standard. Morton table salt is a staple in a restaurants all across America. That's because it's the perfect choice to unlock the delicious, natural flavors in food. Use this all-purpose salt for cooking and baking, as well as for seasoning at the table. The uniformly shaped crystals make table salt an excellent choice for baking, where precise measurements are critical. For more ways to unlock delicious flavor, try Morton Kosher Salt: Ideal for: Brining. Roasting. Marinades. Rubs and more! Find us at Questions? Call 1-800-789-Salt (7258). To learn more about our culinary salts and for recipes visit