Milkadamia® Latte da Macadamia Milk 32 fl. oz. Aseptic Pack

Formula barista. Hi Lefty. Moo is moot. Latte da. Deliciously free of: dairy; soy; GMOs; gluten. Foams beautifully. In a nutshell - Grown with no irrigation in place, because the trees are in place. Warmed by the Australian sun, watered by seasonal rains and pollinated by tiny native bees. Sustainability = growing simply. Grown with love Jindilli Farm Australia. For coffee lovers, the taste of real coffee is the go! Milkadamia is crafted from raw (not roasted) macadamias, letting the coffee notes sing loud and brassy like a bathing barista. (Hashtag)How2milkadamia. Pour the perfect Piccolo. Cascade into cold brew. Elevate a Chai high. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Visit us at a package from Tetra Pak. Free-range trees nourished by nature. Free-range trees. Trees supporting life, not trees on life support. Macadamia trees are in total harmony with the Earth, nurtured by natural rainfall and sunshine. Dairy free. Lactose free. Soy free. Gluten free. Vegan. Cholesterol free. Carrageenan free. Foams beautifully. Tetra Pak: Protect what's good. Made with non-GMO ingredients. Tetra Pak: Tetra Brik Aseptic. Made in USA from Australian macadamias.