Mighty Dog Dog Food, for Small Dogs, 3-Flavor Variety Pack

8- Hearty Beef Dinner; 8 - with Lamb & Rice; 8 - Chicken & Smoked Bacon Combo. Food for small dogs with a big attitude. Easy open tab. Protein packed. Mighty dog is uniquely formulated with a perfect balance of nutrients to help your dog be his Mightiest. This is Scout. Scout battles the green monster all day. Protein-packed Mighty Dog food for small dogs helps Scout through his adventurous day. We know Scout. We know small dogs. Meet Scout's friends at www.mightydog.com. Please recycle aluminum cans inside and this paperboard carton (Paperboard may not be recyclable in your area). Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified Sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org. Promoting responsible environmental behavior and sound forest management. Visit us at www.MightyDog.com. Visit us: Purina.com. Printed in USA.