Oscar Mayer Bacon, Thick Cut, Maple 2.52 oz

Everything is better with maple bacon. Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Thick Cut Maple Bacon Artificially Flavored Slices make it easy to add the delicious flavor of smoked bacon to any dish. Made from pork, our precooked thick cut maple bacon Artificially Flavored is slow smoked with natural hardwoods to ensure our signature Oscar Mayer bacon flavor. Enjoy carefully selected cuts of 100% real bacon fully cooked to ensure premium quality. Our thick sliced maple bacon is delicious on a breakfast sandwich, served up with bacon and eggs, or cut in slices to sprinkle on your favorite salad or baked potato. Our fully cooked maple bacon can be enjoyed hot or cold. Oscar Mayer's 2.52-ounce box of smoked bacon with 7-9 thick cut slices should be refrigerated and is packaged in a resealable pouch to maintain freshness.