Tofurky Brats, Beer

With microbrewed Full Sail ale. Family owned & independent since 1980. Outdoor grill approved. Meat free. Non GMO. Vegan. 50% less fat than typical meat bratwurst (Tofurky Beer Brats (100 g) contain 16 grams fat and 0 mg cholesterol) (Typical meat bratwurst (100 g) contain approx. 28 grams of fat and 65 mg cholesterol). If you're thinking tailgating or backyard grilling, then you're probably thinking beer brat-and do we have the sausage for you! Organic tofu, not soy isolates or powders, fresh onions and garlic, and a great-big hit of microbrewed Full Sail Amber Ale make this brat delicious and satisfying. Who says you need meat to have a party? Check out for great sausage recipes! Facebook. Vegan. 100% recycled paperboard. Made in the USA.