Moo & Oink Pork Links, Mild 4 ea

A pork and textured soy flour product. Citric acid, BHA and BHT added to protect flavor. Oink meter. Welcome to the Moo & Oink ComMOOnity! With a long-standing 150 year history in the meat business as a purveyor of specialty seasoned meats, our products mooove families and friends to get together at mealtime. They also help folks get their grill on and encourage families and friends to gather around the backyard BBQ grill for some laughter and a flavorful, satisfying meal! It's all about the quality and our own kicked-up spice blends that help you add a little down home southern comfort to your meal. So where did the Moo and Oink name come from? In 1972, two characters named Moo and Oink were introduced as mascots by calumet meat. With their warm and likeable personalities, moo and oink were enjoyed and embraced by customers and employees, so much so that calumet meat permanently changed its name to moo and oink, inc. Are you looking for something with outstanding flavor? We have it! Oh yeah - We know what you want! The Moo & Oink name automatically guarantees that you are getting the very best, most flavorful products. We guarantee everything but the weather!. For more great information visit us at US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture.