Pre Ribeye Steak 10 Oz

Pasteurized raised (Pre Brands defines pasture raised as all cattle being out in the fresh air, on pasture year-round with continuous, free access to grass-feeding, never being confined to a feedlot). No added hormones. No sub-therapeutic antibiotics (No sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Animals do not receive antibiotics on a daily basis; animals only receive antibiotics in the case of illness). We're different. And proud of it. We have one ingredient: full-flavored, 100% grass fed & finished beef. No added hormones, no sub-therapeutic antibiotics and we're Non-GMO Project Verified (because GMOs are just weird). We believe animals should be treated with respect and be able to roam freely on grasses year-round. Our dedication to the highest quality beef never wavers, because we have the same high standards as you do. Fire up the grill or a cast iron pan. It's show time. You're looking at one seriously high-quality cut of beef. Pre Ribeye is 100% grass fed & finished with no added hormones and no sub-therapeutic antibiotics. It has 24g of protein and 10% of your recommended daily value of iron per serving as well as 25% of your recommended daily value of vitamin B-12 per serving. Whether it's pan-seared perfection with a flavorful red wine marinade or a grilled chimichurri, this is your steak. No feedlots, ever! Rare. Medium rare. Medium. Medium well. FSC: Mix - Paper from responsible sources.