Pre Beef, Ground, 95%/5% 16 Oz

Pasture raised (Pre Brands defines pasture raised as all cattle being out in the fresh air, on pasture year-round with continuous, free access to grass-feeding, never being confined to a feedlot). No added hormones. No sub-therapeutic antibiotics (No sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Animals do not receive antibiotics on a daily basis; animals only receive antibiotics in the case of illness). We're different. And proud of it. We have one ingredient: Full-flavored, 100% grass fed & finished beef. No added hormones, no sub-therapeutic antibiotics and we're non-GMO project verified (because GMOs are just weird). We believe animals should be treated with respect and be able to roam freely on grasses year-round. Our dedication to the highest quality beef never wavers, because we have the same high standards as you do. Beef done differently. Light on fat, heavy on flavor. You're looking at some seriously high-quality beef, Pre 95% lean/5% fat ground beef is 100% grass fed & finished with no added hormones and no sub-therapeutic antibiotics. It has 25 g of protein and 15% of your recommended daily value of iron per serving as well as 35% of your recommended daily value of vitamin B-12. Skip the paper towel draining ritual and go straight to tender meatloaf, frittatas and minestrone. No feedlots, ever! FSC: Mix - Paper from responsible sources.