McCormick® Culinary Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer, 35 oz

Use McCormick Culinary Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer when you are looking to tenderize your meat without adding flavor. Specially made for chefs to inspire extraordinary menus and deliver consistent recipes. Use Meat Tenderizer just before cooking, by moistening the surface of the meat with the tenderizer. Do not add salt and cook immediately. Thicker cuts of meat may require thirty minutes of free standing before cooking. McCormick Culinary is our essential collection of premium spices, herbs, and seasonings, made for chefs. Our global sourcing team enables unparalleled control and understanding of our supply chain, ensuring every McCormick Culinary product delivers a pure and consistent flavor, dish after dish, and service after service. Unseasoned, premium meat tenderizer Brought to you by McCormick Culinary, the premium quality brand that delivers consistent, pure flavor Tailored for culinary professionals, helping to inspire menus Perfect for tender meat with no added flavor No additives