Maya's Tortillas, Whole Wheat, Taco Style

7 inch flour tortillas. Soft & delicious. Tortillas made delicious. To eat well is to live well. At Papa Pita our goal is to make healthy, delicious Tortillas for you to enjoy. We start with the finest ingredients using a traditional process to make all of our tortillas nutritious and full of flavor. We stand uncompromising in our commitment to quality and taste in all that we do. Healthy made delicious! From our family to yours. Try some today! Thank you for choosing another healthy made delicious product from Papa Pita! Made with non GMO ingredients. 20 grams whole grain per serving. 70 calories per serving. 2 grams protein. Good Source: 3 grams fiber. No trans fat. No cholesterol. No high fructose corn syrup. Resealable bag. Fresh & delicious or your money back! This package is environmentally responsible.