Martin's Kettle-Cook'd Hand Cooked Potato Chips

Martin's® Kettle-Cook'd Hand Cooked Potato Chips. Martin's® chips in for cure. For every Martin's chips in for a cure bag sold, 25 will be donated to the fight against breast cancer. At Martin's Potato Chips, we are a family. A family that believes community involvement is an important part of our success. That's why this year we are launching Martin's Chips In for a Cure, a campaign to help raise awareness and donations to fight breast cancer. There are approximately 149,000 women living with breast cancer in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and 13,000 more who will be diagnosed this year. With 35 women diagnosed every day, breast cancer is something we can all fight by sharing stories that not only educate others, but raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer now...So our daughters won't have to. Martin's will donate 25 cents toward the fight against breast cancer for every Martin's chips in for a cure bag purchased. PA Breast Cancer Coalition. We are proud to partner with Martin's Potato Chips in spreading our message of breast cancer awareness and education. We support and serve breast cancer survivors and their families through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. This is a gluten free product. Finding a cure now... so our daughters won't have to©. 800-377-8828.