Mariani Walnuts, Premium, Shelled

Contains 8 cups. Gluten free. Since 1972. The Mariani family has been growing and producing the finest quality, premium nuts without compromise. Mariani walnuts are freshly harvested from farms in California and packaged in their natural form without adding any preservative, oil, salt or other ingredients. These all-natural, nutritious almonds are a simple and delicious addition to an active lifestyle. Mariani walnuts are a great addition to any snack, meal or recipe: convenient as an on the go snack or part of a homemade trail mix; top salads, cereals, oatmeal or yogurt; enhance dishes including vegetables, entrees, and pasta sauces; add to your favorite desserts to make them even more delicious! Scan this code or visit our website at for recipe ideas and an overview of health benefits. Resealable zipper. Product of California.