Mahli Blanket, Deep Relaxation, Weighted

50 inch x 60 inch. 10 lb (127 cm x 152 cm) (4.5 kg). For comforting sleep. Weighted micro beads. Ultra-soft fabric. Feels like a warm hug. Like a warm hug: Soft, comfortable blanket provides hug-like feeling to reduce anxiety and stress during sleep. Calms anxiety and stress: Reversible microfiber fabric restricts movement during sleep. Sturdy material: Durable enough for regular use (the kids will love it). Chic appearance: The blankets sleek, sophisticated look adds to any space. Weighted micro beads. Ultra-soft fabric. Reversible. Calming effects. Quilted pattern. The art of Mahli: Mahli promotes modern solutions for comfort and relaxation. A weighted blanket provides the same comforting pressure as a hug to elicit a calm and blissful feeling. Sit back and relax Mahlii takes care of the rest. In the box: weighted blanket instruction cars. Size: 50 inch x 60 inch Weight: 10 lb. Not intended for medical use. Made in China. Designed in USA.