Louisiana Seasoned Coating Mix, Lemon Pepper, Air Fryer 5 Oz

Original air fryer recipe. Est. 1982. Fish fry products. Bring the taste Of Louisiana Home! For use in air fryers. Enjoy maximum crunch, full flavor and even coating in no time! Louisiana Fish Fry's Lemon Pepper Air Fryer Seasoned Coating Mix is easy to use and specially created for air fryers so you can enjoy delicious perfectly crispy results, with less oil than traditional frying! At Louisiana Fish Fry, we pride ourselves in capturing authentic flavors, honoring Louisiana traditions and using only high-quality ingredients. Expect perfectly-seasoned meals every time, guaranteed. With our easy-to-use seasonings, sauces, breading mixes, and entrées, it's never been easier to 'Bring the Taste of Louisiana Home.' Sealed pouch inside.