Latin Goodness Mas Panadas Empanadas, Veggie

Real food for life in the last lane. Ready in minutes! Better value! More empanadas! The perfect snack on the go. No preservatives. Just heat and enjoy. Empanadas are one of the most popular dishes in all of South America for a reason: simple yet delicious, and a satisfying choice on the go. Margarita grew up in Colombia playing in her father's kitchen - he owned a restaurant that featured typical Colombian food. In her family, food wasn't just fuel for the body but a chance to taste life! Andy, a native Virginian true foodie with a penchant for both the art and the science of cooking. Margarita and Andy met and fell in love in graduate school (that's another story!), and now they are raising their three boys while keeping up with busy professional lives. Finding a tasty family snack to fit between business calls, soccer games and carpools was a challenge. By combining Margarita's Latin roots. Andy's passion for modern American cuisine and their kids' picky palates, they created Mas panadas: modern empanadas for people on the go. The business calls, soccer games, and carpools are still a work in progress, but from our family to yours, we hope Mas panadas make it a little more delicious! Andy & Margarita. Facebook. Instagram. Try all 5 Mas Panadas: Chicken, Beef, Veggie, Margherita Pizza & Florentine (Spinach/Mushroom).