Land O Lakes Mozzarella Cheese Farmstyle Shreds 8 ea

With Land O Lakes Mozzarella Cheese Farmstyle Shreds, you can make any breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack even more delicious. This mozzareall cheese givesirresistible flavor to your pizzas, salads, pastas, garlic breads and more. The farmstyle cheese shreds are thick-cut to add even more cheesy goodness to your favorite dish. Whether you like to snack straight from the bag or want a quick and easy way to upgrade the flavor of any homemade dish, Land O Lakes Shredded Mozzarella Cheese is the perfect cheesy companion. These mozzarella cheese shreds melt with ease so you never have to wait long before you can enjoy your delicious, cheesy meal. Land O Lakes Mozzarella Shredded Cheese is an excellent choice in stuffed peppers, layered in cheesy potatoes or sprinkled over garlic bread to make it even more cheesy. Every purchase supports farmer-owners in communities across the country. Land O Lakes Mozzarella Cheese Farmstyle Shreds — Eat It Like You Own It.