Keurig Brewer Care Kit, 3 Month

1-14 fl oz (400 ml) descale solution. 4-0.1 oz (0.4 g)/ea. Net wt 0.4 oz (1.6 g) rinse pods. 2-1.1 oz (31.2 g) water filters. Clean and care for your Keurig brewer 3 month supply. Removes mineral buildup. Filters water. Better tasting beverages. Cleaning and caring for your keurig brewer. 3 Month Brewer Care Kit: 1 Keurig descaling solution. 4 Keurig Rinse pods. 2. Keurig water filter cartridges. Visit oru website at: Keurig Descaling Solution: Made in USA. Keurig Rinse Pods: Made in USA. Keurig Water Filter Cartridges: Made in Germany.