Jubilee Kitchen Wax

Jubilee® Kitchen Wax. Protects. Shines. Cleans. 15 FL. OZ. A cleaning wax for kitchen appliances and surfaces. Jubilee® is an easy to use liquid furniture wax made especially for protecting while cleaning appliances, laminated plastic, ceramic tile, enamel and wood in the kitchen and bathroom. Jubilee® cannot scratch, never dulls, is stain resistant and puts down a tough, hard shine that protects surfaces while making spills easier to wipe clean. Jubilee® removes: Grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, crayon, fingerprints and yellow cooking films. Where to use Jubilee® - Excellent for furniture, refrigerators, countertops, cabinets, laminated plastic, bathroom fixtures, chrome faucets, woodwork, vinyl, leather, plastic and ceramic tile. Jubilee® is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. used under license. Call: 1-800-253-2526. © 2013 Malco Products, Inc.