Jimmy Dean® Maple Pancake & Sausage Griddler Sandwiches, 4 oz.

Celebrate the day and the delightful taste of Jimmy Dean® Fully Cooked Hot & Spicy Pork Sausage Patties. Made with premium pork and seasoned to perfection with an extra kick of spice, these savory sausage patties have 9 grams of protein per serving that add fuel to help power your day. Simple to prepare and ready in minutes, just microwave and serve with eggs and toast for a traditional breakfast or with oatmeal and fruit. Includes one package of 8 patties. Can breakfast sausage make the world a brighter place? At the Jimmy Dean® Brand, we believe that when you have a good breakfast you have a good day. When you have a good day, you pass that shine onto others. To us, the sun is always shining in the morning. So let's do it. Let's make the world a better place, one breakfast at a time. One individually wrapped breakfast sandwich Features maple flavored sausage between two griddle pancakes Good source of protein - 8 grams per serving Made with real ingredients Ready in minutes and easy to prepare Simply heat in the microwave and serve