Jell-O Simply Good Caramel Pudding

Simply Good Caramel PuddingJell-O Simply Good Caramel Pudding Mix is flavored with real vanilla bean instead of artificial flavors. Its a perfect low calorie dessert that you can savor anytime to satisfy your sweet cravings. It is easy to prepare, as it dissolves quickly and doesnt take much effort.Tasty Yet Easy To Prepare!Its simply good, because it is made with the premium-quality stuff, like real vanilla bean. It is tasty yet easy to set up. A colorful, jiggly treat that, both; kids and adults love to eat as a snack or as a dessert! Layer it up with fruits or cake to make it more fun and fancy.Try it with Greek yogurt, halved seedless grapes and granola or with any fruits of your choice. Your taste buds are bound to love the flavor of real vanilla bean and creamy caramel.