Japan Gold Sushi Roll Kit, Traditional Sushi Rolls

3 servings (18-21 pieces). Contents: cooked sushi rice (microwavable); sushi vinegar; shoyu; wasabi; sushi nori; bamboo sushi mat. Contents: Sushi Rice (500 g): Short grain Japonica rice is pre-cooked and ready to microwave; Sushi Vinegar (50 g): Traditionally brewed rice vinegar is the secret ingredient to make delicious sushi; Shoyu Soy Sauce (20 g): Shoyu - the perfect table condiment for Japanese cuisine; Wasabi Powder (7 g): Spice up your sushi with hot wasabi. Use in moderation! Sushi Nori (3 sheets [7 g]): High quality nori sheets are lightly toasted and ready to use; Bamboo Sushi Mat: Essential tool for rolling sushi. Quick & easy. Just add your favorite fillings. Japan Gold USA: A division of Muso. Sushi - the epitome of traditional Japanese cuisine - has become a popular party food all over the world. Yet some people think it's hard to make. We say - Not! Here's everything you need to make sushi the quick and easy way! Enjoy wrapping all kinds of vegetables and fillings to make beautiful, delicious sushi. Just microwave the sushi rice, mix with sushi vinegar, prepare the wasabi, and you're ready to roll! www.japangoldusa.com. Product of Thailand.