Illy Coffee, 100% Arabica, Ground, Classic Roast, Classico 8.8 oz

Classico. 100% Arabica. Coffee preparation. Pressurized for freshness. Illy has been perfecting its unique blend of 9 arabica origins for more than 80 years, to offer the world its greatest coffee. Discover our stories on Classico: Classic roast. Mild and balanced. Intenso: Bold roast. Full-bodied. Forte: Extra bold roast. Rich and strong. Decaf: Classic roast. Mild and balanced. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Caffeine content not higher than 1.5%. Illy is committed to guaranteeing sustainable quality across the entire production chain, to offer a coffee that is not just good, but also ethical. Recyclable tin. Made in Italy.